PKTP-BK Tactical Pen & Writing Instrument

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As an original creator in the Tactical Pen category, Engineer and Industrial Designer Paul Kim does not disappoint with the new PKTP. The design of the PKTP is literally cutting edge and provides the user with a new level of solid grip stability, even if the user is wearing operational gloves. The Patent-pending advanced ergonomic bezel cutting pattern design provides a rock solid and secure grip even in the most demanding circumstances and situations. Weight – The PKTP weighs 1.6 ounces and therefore, contributes to excellent weight management which is a constant factor for military, law enforcement, and the demanding outdoor industry. Length – The PKTP measures 5.75 inches. An average individual’s full grip expanse on a cylindrical object is approximately 3.75 inches to 4 inches. The PKTP comfortably accommodates this length leaving adequate material distance, on both ends, for operational functionality. Material – Aerospace Grade Aluminum 7075 Series and Mil Spec Hard Anodized TYPE III Surface Treatment gives the PKTP a virtually indestructible super strength construction. As writing instrument, the PKTP is both elegant and sophisticated, designed for cultivated expectations. As a tactical instrument, the PKTP is both precise and unforgiving.PKTP Black Tactical Pen. Ink Cartridge / Fisher Pen Company® Space Pen Cartridge Medium Black #SPR4, for smooth, effortless and reliable writing. Mechanism / Internal Spring Load. Motion / Rotate Bezel against body Clockwise to expose ink tip; Rotate Bezel against body Counter Clockwise to retract ink tip.
Patent-pending advanced ergonomic bezel cutting pattern design providing rock solid and secure grip. Patent-pending unique ribbed body engineered to maximize anti-roll and anti-slip capabilities.
The PKTP Tactical Pen is created and brought to you by legendary Industrial Designer, Paul Kim, Engineer and Founder of PK Design Lab, Inventor and Holder of over 100 Surefire Flashlight Patents. The PKTP is a Limited Edition Tactical Pen of only 500 BLACK units and 500 COYOTE BROWN units. Your purchase will be one of these units, in the color that you order, un-numbered and while supplies last. Packaging is compact industrial cardboard boxing with black PK Design Lab markings. Your PKTP combines beautiful and elegant design with true tactical functionality. Engineered to withstand punishment, this State-of-the-Art tactical and functional writing instrument is virtually indestructible under even the most demanding circumstances and in the most hostile environments.
PKTP Tactical Pen Body Structure / Highest Grade Aerospace Aluminum 7075 Series. CNC Machined. This Tactical Instrument does not come with a clip. Surface Treatment / Mil Spec Hard Anodized TYPE III – Black (PKTP-BK). Front & Rear Tips / Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel SUS 304. Super Hard Durable Stainless Steel Nose Cone / Rear Tips are embedded to maximize impact strength and force multiplication – Electro Polished. Body Diameter max. / >1.25 Pen Length / >5.75 inches Pen Weight with cartridge / >1.6 ounces. The PKTP Tactical Pen has the following body markings: 1. PK Design Lab Logo, 2. “PK Design Lab” name, 3. “In God We Trust” text. PK Design Lab URL, 4. PK Design Lab URL.

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