Versatile Tactical Pen by Welham Green© – Great for Emergencies and Self-Defense! (Black)

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Be safe in even the most dangerous situations!

This easy to use, low-profile, tactical pen ensures that you always have a first-line of defense in hostage, desperate or dangerous situations.

Best of all, it works perfectly as a real, professional ball-point pen, using standard ball-point refills.

This state-of-the-art Tactical Pen is ruggedly constructed of heavy duty lightweight aviation – aerospace grade aluminum. It also features an ultra-durable glassbreaker, that can also be used as a DNA collector for criminal investigation evidence.

Fully tested and proven in various field situations and conditions.

Designed and developed to the specifications and requirements of spy agencies, security forces and military agents worldwide.

What you get: Tactical pen, packed in gift box

Can be used for writing, self-defense and various emergency situations. Accepts standard Parker or Fisher ballpoint refill
Glass breaker and criminal DNA collector at top of pen (this can also be used to quickly cut through seat belts and restraints in emergency situations)
Constructed of top-grade – 6061-T5 high-strength aviation/aerospace-grade aluminum
5.9 inches overall, weighs 1.5 ounces
Available in black, grey and gold finish. Comes packed in stylish gift box

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