NiteCore NTP10 Tactical Self Defense Pen with Tungsten Steel Tip, Titanium

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Nitecore NTP10 Titanium Pen Highly Compact and Portable Hollow carved sturdy boy Matt aluminum alloy pen case
1.The NTP10’s body is carved from CNC milled titanium alloy with a thickness of 1.8mm making it almost unbreakable yet elegant and aesthetically appealing.
2.A hollow-carved body ensures a comfortable grip and reduces weight for increased portability.
3.Inserted into the cap, the NTP10’s clip effectively prevents loosening and loss.
4.Three stop pins allow the cap to be mounted on the tapered tip during use.
5.Polyflon interior, featuring low coefficient of friction, good resistance to heat, acid and alkali, protects the tip of the pen.
6.Adjustble inner barrel to accommodate minor different in refill length.
7.Matt aluminum alloy pen case acts as a protective cover or a gift box.

Packaging include
1. 1 x NITECORE NTP10.High compact and portable
Hollow carved sturdy body
Tapered tungsten steel tip
Fisher space pen pressurized refill
Titanium pocket clip

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