Leegoal Skull Keychain Self Defense Emergency Survival Tool-SILVE

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The Fantasy Master Skull Keychain is your best pocket pal. Its always there when the chips are down and can bust through a thick skull in no time at all. Its a unique self defense device that can be concealed until the last minute and then deployed as a force multiplier against the soft tissue and bone of your target. This product is for self defense purposes only. Made of lightweight cast aluminum, you hardly know its there until you place your hand on it. Only 3.5 inches in length and 1.75 inches wide its always handy. (5mm thick and very strong). Includes Key Ring.Made of alloy material,sturdy and durable.
Bronze,trendy and attractive.
Very suitable for defending yourselves outdoor.
It is with the hang rope and easy to carry.
This is the latest model, is stronger than the original, quality is better, the original is only 7 mm thickness, the thickness of the new style of 10 mm thickness, length and width are also increases.

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